Salute the Snapdragons

Snapdragon blooms are graceful and tall and look like they are standing to attention. They have a lovely variety of shades and can also be eaten (although I haven’t tried it myself). I have also heard that the dead blooms look rather creepy but I prefer not to wait till that point!

Photo 1: Snapdragons in bloom

Snapdragons low res

Photo 2: Snapdragons: purple and white

Snapdragons 5 low res

Photo 3: Snapdragon buds

Snapdragons 4 low res

Photo 4: Snapdragon yellow

Snapdragons 3 low res

Photo 5: Snapdragon white

Snapdragons 6 low res

Photo 6: Snapdragon pink and white

Snapdragons 2 low res

Photo 7: Snapdragon spike

Snapdragons 7 low res


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