Fables, Feminism and Flowers!

Fables and Flora is a visionary art-focused company that merges the captivating worlds of storytelling and botanic beauty to craft an immersive artistic experience that resonates with individuals seeking tranquility and empowerment in the midst of life’s chaos.

Founded with a profound passion for narratives, the symbolism of flowers and calming influence of nature, Fables and Flora’s mission is to bring serenity and calm in a bustling and demanding world while simultaneously providing a platform for women to use their creativity to highlight their lived experiences and share their wisdom, strength and resilience.

Host of the Peri & Post Movement for peri-and postmenopausal women and the “Post Period.” Art Show launching in 2024!

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New Art Workshops Starting at the Dublin Arts Center in 2024:

  • Neurographic Art
  • Journaling for Stress Relief
  • Journaling for Menopause
  • Mindfulness and iPhone Photography

Email info@fablesandflora.com