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What if your life stayed exactly the same as it is now? Would you be satisfied with that? Yes or No?

For me the answer is “no!” Actually, it is more like “no way!” There is still so much more to my life and  journey. So I started using the mantra T-A-P  – Think, Act, Persevere — a phrase to help me stay on a more adventurous path.

My aim through Fables and Flora is to support women in their creative journeys by finding uplifting moments in each day while encouraging you to pursue your own passions and projects.


  1. Floral Prints – visit my collection to find an uplifting image that resonates with you!
  2. Passions & Projects Workshops – small gatherings to fuel creativity with information on art marketing, trends and an opportunity to showcase your work.
  3. Mom’s Maker Mornings – small group creative and crafting sessions for Moms.
  4. Artwork Photography (Tri-Valley Area) – I will photograph your artwork for catalogues, exhibition submissions, portfolios etc. Quotes provided on request.


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