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Blue Agapanthus

Blue Agapanthus have now started to bloom. I saw a hummingbird feeding on one the other day but didn’t have a camera handy. That would make a pretty pic. Meanwhile I took a few of the blue buds and blooms.

Photo 1: Blue Agapanthus first blooms

Agapanthus blue 5



Photo 2: Blue Agapanthus buds

Agapanthus blue 2

Photo 3: Blue Agapanthus blooming

Agapanthus blue 3

Photo 4: Bloom amongst the buds

Agapanthus blue 4


Photo 5: Blue Agapanthus in bud

Agapanthus blue buds

Emerging White Agapanthus

Not much time for photography or to blog at the moment but just had to share this emerging white Agapanthus. At my childhood home we got very accustomed to the blue variety but finding a white one was special.

Photo 1: White Agapanthus in bud.

Agapanthus white 2

Photo 2: Buds to blooms

Agapanthus white


Photo 3: White Agapanthus blooms

Agapanthus white 4

Photo 4: White Agapanthus in morning light

Agapanthus white 3

Photo 5: Cotton buds and Qtips

Agapanthus white 5