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Art and the Menopause Transition

A woman’s art shouts louder when she’s trying to be silenced.

Did you know that October is Menopause Awareness Month? It’s been fascinating to discover the lack of research, education and access to care for older women – not to mention the disinformation! The treatment gap for menopause is an injustice to women and we need to shout louder to ensure that women are able to make informed decisions about their health as they age.

A Yale University review of insurance claims found that while 60% of women with significant menopausal symptoms seek treatment, nearly 75% are left untreated.

Art is a channel for women to use their creativity to highlight their lived experiences and share their wisdom, strength and resilience through the menopause transition. Creating art with the collective wisdom of women that have walked or are walking this path will shed light on the journey for those still heading there while holding space for those women in the thick of it and acknowledging those who have bravely battled through it to post menopause. 

If you’ve seen one menopausal woman you’ve seen one menopausal woman- changes and symptoms occur In unique combinations in each woman and support and treatment options vary depending on where she finds herself in the world.

Since 2009, the IMS (International Menopause Society) alongside the World Health Organization (WHO) designate October as World Menopause Awareness Month. It’s an opportunity to speak openly about the experiences and resilience of women. These conversations can help to break the silence about the menopause transition and highlight the areas where more support and understanding is needed. Get creative during your menopause journey and let others know that they are not alone in grappling with the changes that this natural process brings.

With this in mind I’m organizing an art show called “Post Period.” that will be launched in Menopause Awareness Month, 2024. A multi-pronged approach to communicating the challenges and impact of menopause is required so women have an opportunity to understand the mental and physical impacts of hormonal changes.

Art is an avenue that can spark conversations, question the status quo, and challenge misconceptions while also providing an opportunity for self-expression and catharsis.  

Have you made any menopause related or inspired art ? This is your sign to embrace your third act and create unapologetically! Creativity has no age limit!