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All aglow

Sometimes I try things and they simply don’t work. In the lab I used to say the cosmic forces were not in alignment that day to get my experiments to work. Today my chi was not flowing through my lens – so I tried to add some artificially…

Photo 1: Three in a row

Artistic flowers glow low res

Photo 2: Tulip collection

Artistic flowers glow 2 low res

Photo 3:Flowers on a wire

Artistic flowers glow 3 low res

Experiments with fallen blossoms

The viburnum opulus snowball growing in our yard is losing it’s blossoms fast and creating a shower of pretty white petals like confetti. Seeing them lying on the ground gave me an idea for a photo experiment and this is the result.

Photo: Snowball Blossoms and lines

Blossoms and lines 2 BW  low res

Photo: Snowball Blossoms and White Chrysanthemum with bling

White Chrysanthemum with bracelet low res

Photo: Snowball Blossoms and Orange Chrysanthemum

Orange Chrysanthemum with blossoms low res

Photo: Quills, lines and Snowball Blossoms

Quills blossoms lines BW low res