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Happy 3rd Anniversary Fables and Flora!

Today my blog is three years old!

Photo 1: Pink Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn

When I started it I had no idea where this journey would take me. All I knew is that I wanted to share what I cared about. It was an opportunity to document what I see and what moves me.

It is still that today.

Photo 2: Yellow Daffodil dreams

Daffodil 2

Thank you to all my followers who have joined me on this adventure and encouraged me!

May your days be filled with beautiful moments that drive you to live your life with passion!

Photo 3: Blue Muscari


Thank you for the Quintet of Radiance Award

Thank you so much to Grace who blogs at grace4films for the nomination!

Thank you card low res

The Quintet of Radiance Award is a total of five awards: (1) Most Influential Blogger (2) Awesome Blog Content (3) Inner Peace  (4) Versatile Blogger and (5) Sunshine award (which I have already been awarded ;-)) While there are those who for various reasons graciously decline these nominations – I am thrilled by them! It’s one way for me to know that my audience is happy with the posts I share and that someone cared enough to add my page to their list. To accept this nomination I am required to describe myself using the letters in the alphabet. Since I am not given to lengthy posts – I have summarised everything in a Gerbera Daisy photo.

A to Z me 2 low res

These awards also provide me with an opportunity to acknowledge the blogs that fuel my creative spirit. Whether you choose to use these awards or not – I hope that your blogging journeys continue to be successful along with the passions that fuel them. Here are my nominees:

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15. Douglas Moorezart

Happy Blogging Everyone!