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Tea Rose bush is blooming again

I had to do some significant pruning of the hybrid tea rose bush in the garden and was concerned about how it would recover in the drought. I am very happy to see that it is coping and producing lovely blooms again.

Photo 1: Tea Rose in the morning sun

Tea Rose

Photo 2: Bloom and buds

Tea rose 3

Photo 3: Face down

Tea rose 5

Photo 4: Rosey delight

Tea rose 2

Photo 5: Rose opening

Tea rose 4Photo 6: Rose cluster

Tea rose 6Photo 7: Rose in Bloom

Tea Rose 7 low res



Abelia in bloom

The Abelia plant needed some trimming so of course I got distracted by the beauty of the small blooms while in the garden.

Photo 1: Abelia in bloomAbelia blooming low res

Photo 2: Abelia buds and blooms

Abelia buds and blooms low res

Photo 3: Abelia buds

Abelia buds low res

Photo 4: Abelia trio

Abelia cluster low res

Photo 5: Abelia duo

Abelia duo low res

Photo 6: Abelia sprig

Abelia sprig low res


Photo 7: Abelia clusterAbelia trio low res