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Countdown to Spring

The glorious displays of Spring are not waiting for any official date. Blossoms are everywhere and it is a delightful change after the somberness  of the much needed winter rains. The rains are expected to bring a bumper crop of flowery distractions that I am really looking forward to seeing. Meanwhile here are a few of the blossoms in my garden.

Photo 1: Sunlight and blossoms

Blossoms of Spring

Photo 2: Blossoming Spring

Blossoms white Spring

Photo 3: Blossoming delights

Blossoms white sprig

Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

The pea-like blossoms of this tree caught my attention in early Spring firstly because of the vibrant pink colour and secondly because they appeared before the tree leaves giving it a very dramatic appearance. Eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis) is a small tree usually found in the eastern United States. Redbud is also known as Judas-tree because according to legend, Judas Iscariot hanged himself from a branch of an earlier European species.

Photo 1: Eastern Redbud buds and blooms

Eastern redbud 4

Photo 2: Easter Redbud buds

Eastern redbud 2

Photo 3: Eastern Redbud blossoming

Eastern redbud 5

Photo 4: Eastern Redbud blooming

Eastern redbud

Photo 5: Eastern Redbud blossoms

Eastern redbud 3

Clementine blossoms on a rainy day

There is a tiny clementine (citrus) tree in the front garden but despite it’s size it is an enthusiastic grower. It has already produced two small fruits that didn’t survive the curiosity of the children. In Afrikaans we call these fruits “naartjies” and it is apparently a hybrid between a mandarin and a sweet orange. It is now however sporting several white blossoms so here are a few pics. I also thought they would make a nice subject for a monochrome project that I am working on.

Photo 1: Clementine blossoms on a rainy day

Clementine blossom 2 low res

Photo 2: Clementine blossom buds

Clementine blossom 7 low res

Photo 3: Clementine blossoming

Clementine blossom 4 low res

Photo 4: Clementine blossom bud tips

Clementine blossom 5 low res

Photo 5: Clementine blossoms blooming

Clementine blossom 6 low res

Photo 6: Clementine blossom and bud

Clementine blossom 3 low res

Photo 7: Clementine blossoms with raindrops

Clementine blossom low res

Photo 8: Clementine blossoms monochrome reflection

Clementine bw r low res

Avenue of Blossoms

Our local park is coming alive with the sights and sounds of Spring. It is usually rather busy so it took me a while to get the path without people on it. A group of gentleman that had just completed their morning Tai Chi session however was such a lovely sight that I didn’t mind watching them walk down the blossom-lined avenue. A picture of friendship.

Photo 1: Blossom Avenue

Blossom Avenue low res

Photo 2: Lampposts  monitor the avenue

Blossom Avenue 3 low res

Photo 3: Blossoms galore

Blossom Avenue 8 low res

Photo 4: Avenue in Bloom

Blossom Avenue 5 low res

Photo 5: A picture of friendship

Blossom Avenue 4 low res

Photo 6: Dog with a view

Blossom Avenue 2 low res

Photo 7: Blossom Avenue Central

Blossom Avenue central low res

Exploring the neighbourhood

A few flowers had caught my attention on the school run but I was always rushing so had no time to stop and appreciate them.  So I decided to take my camera for a walk and left the kids with my hubby. This is what I found.

Photo 1: Pink Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn copy

Photo 2: Purple African Daisies

African daisy

Photo 3: Purple Society Garlic

Society garlic

Photo 4: Single yellow calendula

Calendula yellow low res

Photo 5: Yellow Lily opening

Lily yellow low res

Photo 6: White Spring BlossomsBlossoms white tree low res

Photo 7: Pink Blossom Sprig

Blossoms pink sprig low res


Cheerful Cherry blossoms blooming beautifully

The warm weather has fooled some of the cherry trees into giving an early display of pretty blossoms. Always a lovely sight. Usually I get a few odd looks while out photographing flowers. This time however passers by stopped, took out their phones and snapped along with me!

Photo 1: Cherry blossoms blooming

Cherry blossoms low res1

Photo 2: Cherry blossoms on parade

Cherry blossoms 5 low res

Photo 3: Cherry blossoms pretty in pink

Cherry blossoms 3 low res

Photo 4: Cheerful Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms 6 low res

Photo 5: Blossoming beauties

Cherry blossoms 7 low res

Blossoms on twigs

Spring is in the air in Dublin. Pretty blossoms are appearing everywhere, my miniature daffodils are blooming and there is a blue hyacinth making it’s appearance too!

Photo 1: White blossoms on a twig

Blossoms white twig low res

Photo 2: Blossoming

Blossoms white twig 2 low res

Photo 3: Blossoms blooming

Blossoms white twig 3 low res

Photo 4: Blossoms of beauty

Blossoms white twig 5 low res

Photo 5: Blossoming away

Blossoms white twig 4 low res

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