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Blue Chrysanthemums

Although I enjoy flowers in their natural states it’s sometimes fun to see them in quirky or unusual ways such as these blue Chrysanthemums that I recently purchased as a table decoration. If you like you can even dye your flowers.

Photo 1: Blue Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum blue low res

Photo 2: Blue Chrysanthemum and White Gypsophila

Chrysanthemum blue 2 low res

Photo 3: Blue Chrysanthemum bud

Chrysanthemum blue bud low res

Photo 4: Rooi en Blou

Chrysanthemum blue red head low res

Photo 5: Blue Chrysanthemum bud on Red rose petal

Chrysanthemum blue red petal low res

Cornflower blue

The brilliant blue colour of the cornflower really is eye-catching even in a field of meadow flowers. According to folklore, cornflowers were worn by young men in love; if the flower faded too quickly, it was taken as a sign that the man’s love was not returned.

Photo: Happy bee on a Cornflower

Cornflower fat bee low res

Photo: Ladybird on a Cornflower

Cornflower with ladybird low res

Photo: Cornflowers cluster

Cornflowers in meadow 3 low res

Photo: Cornflowers in the meadow

Cornflowers in meadow 2 low res

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