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Outdoor scenes from Sussex

Usually I am focused on getting as close as possible to my subject. Occasionally though, even for a close-up photographer, when one is outside there are scenes that just have to be captured. I was looking back at some of photos taken in the UK and found these.

Photo 1: Woodland Bluebells in Heron’s Ghyll

Woodland bluebells low res

Photo 2: Woodland Windflowers in Uckfield

Woodland Anemones 2 low res1

Photo 3: Windflowers in the woods in Uckfield

Woodland Anemones low res


Photo 4: Poppies on the South Downs

Poppy layers low res

Photo 5: Poppies in the Rain on Ditchling Beacon

Poppy Field  low res

Photo 6: Buttercups in a Maresfield Meadow

Maresfield buttercups low res

Photo 7: Reflections in a pond in Richmond Park

Pond plants low res

Photo 8: Oxeye Daisies in UckfieldOxeye Daisy low res