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HAGS: Have A Great Summer!

It’s a stunningly beautiful morning in Northern California today. As my children excitedly anticipate the start of the summer break the mood is jovial and we pay attention to little details on the school run. We spotted a swallowtail butterfly fluttering between the emerging white agapanthus and its wings were catching the morning sunlight. There is so much we can be thankful for and these small moments remind me about the joy to be found in living.

Photo 1: Be thoughtful. Be Kind. Be Considerate.

Photo 2: There are small moments of beauty in every day of you choose to find them.

Photo 3: Each new day is an opportunity to try again!

Photo 4: Surround yourself with positive people who nurture your dreams!

Reading my children’s yearbooks and seeing all the good wishes made me want to share them too – so HAGS to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere and HUGS to everyone in the South!

Whimsical White Butterflies

When trying to capture images of these white butterflies I have noticed that they behave rather differently to the Peacock butterflies that I photographed before. They tend to be a lot more sensitive to movement and take flight the moment they sense a disturbance. They are therefore a lot harder to capture.

Photo: White Butterfly on Loosestrife

Loosestrife purple with butterfly 2 low res

Photo: White Butterfly on Buddleia

Buddleia white butterfly low res1

Photo: Butterfly in flight

Butterfly in flight low res

Photo: White Butterfly on Leaf

Leaf white butterfly low res

Waiting for a Peacock Butterfly on Buddleia

The Buddleia in front of our house is not producing the best blooms this year but fortunately it is still attracting lovely butterflies. It’s aptly named the butterfly bush. I discovered that in the case of butterflies it is better not to chase but rather to wait quietly until they settle.

Photo: Peacock Butterfly on Buddleia Shot of the Day

Peacock butterfly low res

Photo: Peacock Butterfly landing on Buddleia

Peacock butterfly 4 low res

Photo: Peacock Butterfly on Buddleia ready for take off

Peacock butterfly 7 low res

Photo: Peacock Butterfly on Buddleia sideways

Peacock butterfly 5 low res

Photo: Peacock Butterfly on Buddleia underside of wing

Peacock butterfly 3 low res