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Flowering Geraniums

Technically it’s still Winter in Northern California but that doesn’t seem to be hindering the geraniums. They keep producing buds and blooms at regular intervals from their rather┬áshady spot in the garden. Here are a few samples.

Photo 1: Flowering Geranium

Geranium buds 2

Photo 2:Geranium buds

Geranium buds

Photo 3: Side by side

Geranium pair 2

Photo 4: Geraniums in bloom

Geraniums in bloom

Blue Agapanthus

Blue Agapanthus have now started to bloom. I saw a hummingbird feeding on one the other day but didn’t have a camera handy. That would make a pretty pic. Meanwhile I took a few of the blue buds and blooms.

Photo 1: Blue Agapanthus first blooms

Agapanthus blue 5



Photo 2: Blue Agapanthus buds

Agapanthus blue 2

Photo 3: Blue Agapanthus blooming

Agapanthus blue 3

Photo 4: Bloom amongst the buds

Agapanthus blue 4


Photo 5: Blue Agapanthus in bud

Agapanthus blue buds