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Orange Sunflowers

I have been waiting to get my hands on a bunch of these beauties. Found some at a local supermarket yesterday. Lovely vibrant colour and they just look so different to the yellow I am accustomed too.

Photo 1: Orange Sunflower

Sunflower orange

Photo 2: Looking up

Sunflower orange 2

Photo 3: Side view

Sunflowers orange 4

Photo 4: Side by side

Sunflowers orange 3

Photo 5: Together

Sunflowers orange

Photo 6: Pair

Sunflowers orange 5

Photo 7: Sunny bunch

Sunflowers Orange 2

Roses for the Lady Amy

I was really touched today by the comments and responses of a fellow blogger to my posts on roses. Seldom have I received such a heartfelt and warm response to my photographs and it was clearly from someone who is equally enraptured by the beauty of roses. Since my garden is alive with them at the moment I picked a few and put them in a vase just for her! So these are for you Lady Amy ! I am sure you will enjoy visiting her lovely blog Petals Unfolding ~ The Embrace of Love~ too.

Photo 1: Vase of Roses for a Lady

Roses bunch vase 7 low res

Photo 2: For the love of Roses

Roses bunch vase 2 low res

Photo 3: Blooming and beautiful

Roses bunch vase 4 low res

Photo 4: Petals Unfolding

Roses bunch vase 5 low res

Photo 5:  A bunch of beauty

Roses bunch vase low res

Photo 6: Roses smell so sweet

Roses bunch vase 3 low res

Photo 7:  Rosey wonder

Roses bunch vase 6 low res

California Blue Bells

Having become accustomed to the English bluebells I was pleasantly surprised to be given a bunch of California Blue Bells to wish me good luck on my first exhibit. Thought they were very pretty.

Photo: California Blue Bells in a bunch

Californian Bluebell low res

Photo: California Blue bells and Lisianthus

Californian Bluebells and Lisianthus low res

Photo: California Blue Bell with beetle

Bluebell and red beetle low res

Photo: California Blue Bell up close

Californian bluebells 2 low res

Photo: California Blue Bell bunch

Californian bluebells bunch low res