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Unusual frilly daffodil

My daughter’s grilled cheese sandwiches got a bit singed this morning as I got distracted by this unusual daffodil in the garden. Simultaneous photography and grilling are not a good combination but flowers and photography are lovely!

Photo 1: Unusual Frilly daffodil

Frilly daffodil 3 low res

Photo 2: Pick the stranger

Frilly daffodil 4 low res

Photo 3: Frilly daffodil up close

Frilly daffodil low res

Photo 4: Just peachy

Frilly daffodil 2 low resPhoto 5: Daffodils and Muscari

Frilly daffodil 5 low res


Fresh from the garden

Went out into the garden this morning to blow bubbles with my daughter and she wanted to pick a few blooms. The daffodil, hyacinths, cyclamen and camellia  looked so pretty in the vase that I had to take a few pics.

Photo 1: Bouquet fresh from the garden

Bouquet garden low res

Photo 2: Colourful collection

Garben bouquet 5 low res

Photo 3: Hyacinths centre stage

Garben bouquet 3 low res

Photo 4: Camellia in the middle

Garben bouquet 4 low res

Photo 5: Daffodil centre stage

Garben bouquet 2 low res

Daffodils delight after rain

The rather rainy weather has brought long awaited relief to the garden and the daffodils seem to be loving it. The full sized daffodils are now also steadily appearing and their sunny shaded petals are adding a splash of colour to the garden.

Photo 1: Daffodil after rain

Daffodil wet 1 low res

Photo 2: Daffodil delight

Daffodil after rain low res

Photo 3: Daffodil patch (small and big)

Daffodil cluster  low res

Photo 4: Daffodil Bud

Daffodil bud  low res

Photo 5: Dreaming daffodil

Daffodil dream low res