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Dancing with a Dahlia for a 28 day Happiness Challenge

This Dahlia had such delightful details that it was enjoyable capturing it from a variety of angles. Hope you enjoy seeing the results!

The first image became part of the 28 day Happiness Challenge on Instagram started by @cynthialupoff and @lifeissucculent tagged with #28daysofhappy You could join in spreading happiness too!

Photo 1: Dahlia spreads its petals


Photo 2: Dahlia reaching for the sky


Photo 3: Dahlia Pops


Head Shots with a floral twist

I was fortunate enough to know a professional portrait photographer who could make me look good for my head shot in my online testimonial for the British College of Journalism.

Seeing that head shot gave me an idea for a series of the floral variety so here they are. Do you have a favorite?

Photo 1: Two tone Dahlia


Photo 2: Pompom of prettiness


Photo 3: Hibiscus


Photo 4: White Orchid Spray


Close encounter with Dahlias

Dahlias are remarkably beautiful. They used to grow prolifically in my Grandfather’s garden and the ease of growing such large and striking blooms almost made me take them for granted. After not seeing them in such abundance for several years and then coming across the patch near the San Francisco Conservatory of flowers they were a true joy to behold so I got up nice and close.

Photo 1: Pom Pom Dahlia

Pom pom 520

Photo 2: Higgledy Piggledy Dahlia

Dahlia 499

Photo 3: Pink Pom Pom

Dahlia 508

Photo 4: Dashing Dahlia

Dahlia 437

Photo 5: Starburst

Dahlia 457

Photo 6: Red Pom Pom

Red dahlia 451

Photo 7: Red Dahlias in the garden

Dahlias 535

Happy World Smile Day!

The first Friday in October is  World Smile Day! Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts created the smiley face in 1963 and thanks to him we now have more opportunities to share a smile and an act of kindness!

Here a few photos that I hope will keep you smiling!

Photo 1: Darling Dahlia

Dahlia pink white 485

Photo 2: Spray of Pink Orchids

Orchid pink 417

Photo 3: Flowers and Swords make me smile (this was at a photo shoot with my Kuk Sool Won Master)

Photo courtesy of Portrait Photographer, Sharon Cohen (@TheVanityFlare)

Photo courtesy of Portrait Photographer, Sharon Cohen (@TheVanityFlare)

Photo 4: Bounty of Black-eyed Susans

Susans 127


A few Dahlia photos taken in Borde Hill Gardens in Sussex just before we left the UK.

Photo 1: Pink Dahlia

Dahlia pink crop

Photo 2: Pink and White Dahlia

Dahlia red white

Photo 3: Pink Dahlia

Dahlia pink 3

Photo 4: Orange Dahlia

Dahlia orange

Photo 5: Peachy pink and red Dahila cluster

Dahlia orange red

Photo 6: Yellow Red Dahlia

Dahlia yellow red crop

Photo 7: Dahlias in Borde Hill Gardens

Dahlias garden

Dalliances with Dahlias

Dahlias remind me of my Grandfather. He used to enjoy growing them and I was always amazed at the size of the blooms on the plants that towered over me as a child. Also love the variations in colour.

Photo 1: Red striped yellow Dahlia

Dahlia up low res

Photo 2: Dahlia Pair

Dahlia pair low res

Photo 3: Two toned Dahlia

Dahlia two tone low res

Photo 4: Dahlia down

Dahlia down low res

Photo 5: Bright Pink Dahlia

Dahlia bright pink low res