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Nature: Care a whole awful lot

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." Dr. Seuss

My thought for today – we are fueled by the things we care about and we benefit from things that others care about.

Nature nurtures us all and we will all be better if we care about and for her a whole awful lot.

Photo 1: Better is Beautiful

Daisy profusion

Photo 2: Daisy Profusion

Daisy profusion bw


Hope blooms where flowers grow

“We each have a platform, access to tools, a change we’d like to make in the world around us. We each have a chance to connect, to see, to lead.” Seth Godin

This message inspired me this week to keep doing work that matters. When enough people care, beautiful things can happen in the world.

Flowers remind me of this hope.

Photographing daisies bring to mind carefree, happy days in the sunshine so I combined two of my favorites to produce one that expressed this hope visually.

May hope bloom where you are too!

Photo 1: Hope Blooms


Photo 2: A fresh start


Photo 3: Bloom where you are


Foxy Foxgloves and Delicate Dancing Daisies

We had planned a family day out to Muir Woods, a redwood forest near San Francisco, on Memorial Day but little did we know how popular it was going to be! After assessing the parking situation we moved on to the city and decided to picnic in Golden Gate Park.

We found a lovely little section of the park called the Shakespeare Garden which although not big had some lovely floral surprises.  The California Spring Blossom and Wildflower Association originally established it as the Garden of Shakespeare’s Flowers and it has a history dating back to 1928.

Photo 1: The Shakespeare Garden 

Photo 2: Foxy Pink Foxgloves 

Photo 3: Delicate Dancing Daisies 

Photo 4: White Foxgloves 

Outdoor scenes from Sussex

Usually I am focused on getting as close as possible to my subject. Occasionally though, even for a close-up photographer, when one is outside there are scenes that just have to be captured. I was looking back at some of photos taken in the UK and found these.

Photo 1: Woodland Bluebells in Heron’s Ghyll

Woodland bluebells low res

Photo 2: Woodland Windflowers in Uckfield

Woodland Anemones 2 low res1

Photo 3: Windflowers in the woods in Uckfield

Woodland Anemones low res


Photo 4: Poppies on the South Downs

Poppy layers low res

Photo 5: Poppies in the Rain on Ditchling Beacon

Poppy Field  low res

Photo 6: Buttercups in a Maresfield Meadow

Maresfield buttercups low res

Photo 7: Reflections in a pond in Richmond Park

Pond plants low res

Photo 8: Oxeye Daisies in UckfieldOxeye Daisy low res




Dazzling Yellow Daisies

There are a few daisy bushes growing side by side on the walk to school. Since it was a lovely sunny morning with little wind I went out to have a closer look. This is what I found.

Photo 1: Daisies in the morning light

Daisies yellow low res

Photo 2: Daisy dreaming

Daisies yellow 7 low res

Photo 3: Yellow Daisy Cluster

Daisies yellow 3 low res

Photo 4: Daisy bud and blooms

Daisies yellow 6 low res

Photo 5:  One Yellow Daisy

Daisies yellow 4 low res

Photo 6: Two Yellow Daisies

Daisies yellow 5 low res

Photo 7: Crinkly Yellow Daisy

Daisies yellow 8 low res

Photo 8: Yellow DaisiesDaisies yellow 2 low res


Going Daisy Crazy

So yes it appears that I can take over 400 photos in one morning. I had to get out in the field while it wasn’t raining and although it was a bit windy I got some nice pics of the Ox-eye daisies.

Photo: Ox-eye daisy upfront

Oxeye daisy low res

Photo: Ox-eye daisies all together

Oxeye daisies low res

Photo: Ox-eye with a bug

Oxeye Daisy and Bug low res

Photo: Grass and Ox-eye backdrop

Grass Oxeye daisies low res