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The next session of extension tube practise with just one instead of three this time. It does take some getting used to. The light works rather differently and getting so much closer to the subject, in this case some Chrysanthemum blooms, takes some adjustment as well. Nevertheless I am thoroughly enjoying the experimentation.

Photo 1: Blue and white Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum blue white 2

Photo 2: White and yellow Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum white wet

Photo 3: Blue and White Chrysanthemum again

Chrysanthemum blue white

Photo 4: Pink Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum pink wet

Photo 5: Side view

Chrysanthemum blue wet

Due to all the favourable feedback I’ve received on these images I have posted one for sale on the fineartamerica floral art page. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

Extension tube delight

I received a rather early birthday present from my lovely hubby today – extension tubes for my camera. For those of you who are still saving for a macro lens like I am – this is an affordable alternative. Played around with it in the yard and was very pleased with the results.

Photo 1: Wasp on a wet pink Rose

Rose wasp

Photo 2: Droplets on Rose petal

Rose petal orange pink

Photo 3: White Rosebud with droplets

Rosebud drops 5

Photo 4: Rose petal edge

Rose petal curve

Photo 5: Rose petal curve

Rosebud pink petal

Photo 6: Droplets on peach Rose

Rose peach droplets

Photo 7: Wet Barbara Streisand Rose

Rose and droplets



Views of a Red Rosebud

Sometimes a bud forms in such a eye-catching way that I can stay captivated by it for quite a while. This red rosebud in our back yard is a case in point.

Photo 1: Red Rosebud on blue


Photo 2: Rosebud and morning light

Rosebud drops

Photo 3:  Rosebud on pinkRosebud drops 4

Photo 4: Rosebud and droplets

Rosebud drops 3

Photo 5: Red Rosebud calling

Rosebud drops 2

Droplets, cobwebs and a pink Geranium

The cobwebs in the ivy provided a lovely settling spot for some water droplets. Clearly we have several spiders! To add a touch of a colour I added a pink Geranium. It was rather difficult to get the droplets on the web in focus as the slightest camera shake or breeze produced fuzzy smudges. Here are some of the results.

Photo 1: Wet spiderweb and pink Geranium

Geranium web wet

Photo 2: Pink Geranium under web of droplets

Geranium web wet2

Photo 3: Sparkling droplets and Geranium

Geranium web wet3

Photo 4: Ivy, droplets and Pink Geranium

Geranium web wet7

Photo 5: Geranium on wet cobweb

Geranium web wet6

Photo 6: Droplet Shimmer

Geranium web wet5

Photo 7: Droplets on web over Ivy

Geranium web wet4


Fairy Irises after the rain

There is a cluster of Fairy Irises (Dietes grandiflora) growing along the walk to school. There aren’t many blooms but they looked rather pretty after a spell of rain. The flower is also called butterfly iris, large wild iris, native iris, Spanish iris and  wild iris but remind me of home because they originated in southern Africa (i.e. Cape Province and Natal in South Africa).

Photo 1: Iris with Raindrops

Iris after rain 3  low res

Photo 2: Iris in Sunshine

Iris after rain 2 low res

Photo 3: Droplets on an Iris

Iris after rain 5 low res

Photo 4: Bubbles and Drops

Iris after rain 4  low res

Photo 5: Freshly wet Iris

Iris after rain low res1