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Fuchsias in Bloom

The flower that inspired a name for a color. The first two images were taken of a plant growing in a pot on a main road in Monterey, California. The third image is from the garden next door. Wherever they grow they provide a vibrant and eye-catching display.

Photo 1: Fuchsias in Bloom

Fuschia pair

Photo 2: Little dancing Fuchsias

Fuschsias 2

Photo 3: Fuchsia next door



Something Foxy for Mother’s Day – blooms still say it best!

Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s day is usually brimming with pretty pink things and loads of gorgeous blooms. Lately I’ve heard advertisers pushing the “let’s  give Mom something more long lasting than flowers” line. I love gifts – who doesn’t? What they fail to realize though is that there is infinite joy in the moment of receiving a beautiful bloom – whether it’s in elegant and sophistically wrapped bunches or a posey of wild flowers!

Photo 1: A foxglove from my neighbor’s garden

Foxglove pink.jpg

Yes flowers are fragile and have a defined life span but so do we and there is beauty in that too and an opportunity to take a moment to reflect and be grateful for the magnificent way we are constructed and how wonderfully we are made!

Photo 2: Foxy pink Foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea), pretty and poisonous

Foxglove 2

Wishing all Moms a fabulously florally Mother’s Day!

Flowers and vases

Every now and then I get asked to produce a floral image with a specific tone or theme. My current project was a request to use green blooms. I decided to opt for green carnations and combined them with some white roses from my garden. This is the result.

Photo 1: Roses, Carnations and vases

Vase bottles roses carnations

Photo 2: White Roses and Green Carnations

Vase bottles roses carnations 2


A bucket of Roses

The smell of rosebushes in bloom fills the air and the sound of bees going about their important work is noticeable. Since our profusion of roses is not a welcome sight to all given the resulting deluge of petals I have to pick blooms regularly. It seems a travesty to simply discard them so I took a few pics and handed some out to my more appreciative neighbors. Here is what they looked like in the compost bucket.

Photo 1: Bucket of Roses

Bucket of Roses

Photo 2: Blooms in a bucket

Bucket of Roses 2

Photo 3: Bright and beautiful bucket of Roses

Bucket of Roses 3

Photo 4: Roses in a bucket

Bucket of Roses 4

Pretty and Poisonous Potato Bush

The Blue Potato Bush, native to Argentina and Paraguay, and growing in our back yard in California, has purple blooms all over it and seems to have enjoyed the recent rains.

Photo 1: Blue Potato Bush

Blue Potato Bush

The potato bush plant (Lycianthes rantonnetii) is closely related to potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants and although rather pretty to see it is a member of the Solanum family and is poisonous. Common names for this plant include blue potato bush, Paraguay nightshade and blue solanum shrub.

Photo 2: Paraguay nightshade in morning sunshine

Potato bush

Photo 3:Blue solanum shrub

Potato bush 2


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