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Flowering Geraniums

Technically it’s still Winter in Northern California but that doesn’t seem to be hindering the geraniums. They keep producing buds and blooms at regular intervals from their rather shady spot in the garden. Here are a few samples.

Photo 1: Flowering Geranium

Geranium buds 2

Photo 2:Geranium buds

Geranium buds

Photo 3: Side by side

Geranium pair 2

Photo 4: Geraniums in bloom

Geraniums in bloom

Wonderful wall of Wisteria

After taking my children cycling to a park nearby this striking wall of Wisteria brought me to a standstill and I had to go back to it with my camera the following day.

Photo 1: Wonderful Wisteria

Wisteria buds and blooms low res

Photo 2: Wisteria Wand

Wisteria wand low res

Photo 3: Wisteria buds

Wisteria buds low res

Photo 4: Wisteria hanging

Wisteria drops low res

Photo 5:Wisteria buds and bloomsWisteria buds and blooms 2 low res

Photo 6: Wisteria tresses

Wisteria hanging low res

Photo 7: Wisteria in the sun

Wisteria 4 low res

Photo 8: Wall of Wisteria

Wisteria low res

Viburnum in bud

This shrub is in our front garden and I really enjoy watching the tiny flowers open until the whole cluster is in full bloom. It’s that time of year when the buds are about to open – can’t wait 🙂

Photo 1: Viburnum in the afternoon sun

Viburnum Shrub pink low res

Photo 2: Viburnum in bud

Viburnum buds low res

Photo 3: Flowering Viburnum

Virburnum cluster white low res

Photo 4: Viburnum in the snow

pink virburnum in snow low res