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Something Foxy for Mother’s Day – blooms still say it best!

Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s day is usually brimming with pretty pink things and loads of gorgeous blooms. Lately I’ve heard advertisers pushing the “let’s  give Mom something more long lasting than flowers” line. I love gifts – who doesn’t? What they fail to realize though is that there is infinite joy in the moment of receiving a beautiful bloom – whether it’s in elegant and sophistically wrapped bunches or a posey of wild flowers!

Photo 1: A foxglove from my neighbor’s garden

Foxglove pink.jpg

Yes flowers are fragile and have a defined life span but so do we and there is beauty in that too and an opportunity to take a moment to reflect and be grateful for the magnificent way we are constructed and how wonderfully we are made!

Photo 2: Foxy pink Foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea), pretty and poisonous

Foxglove 2

Wishing all Moms a fabulously florally Mother’s Day!

Foxy Foxgloves and Delicate Dancing Daisies

We had planned a family day out to Muir Woods, a redwood forest near San Francisco, on Memorial Day but little did we know how popular it was going to be! After assessing the parking situation we moved on to the city and decided to picnic in Golden Gate Park.

We found a lovely little section of the park called the Shakespeare Garden which although not big had some lovely floral surprises.  The California Spring Blossom and Wildflower Association originally established it as the Garden of Shakespeare’s Flowers and it has a history dating back to 1928.

Photo 1: The Shakespeare Garden 

Photo 2: Foxy Pink Foxgloves 

Photo 3: Delicate Dancing Daisies 

Photo 4: White Foxgloves