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Sweet Gardenia for my Mum

The Gardenia plant at our back door is steadily producing more blooms. I often take a look at them or just get a whiff of their sweet fragrance. I wanted to take a pic of one as tomorrow is my Mum’s first birthday since her death and they remind me of her and my grandfather. I think this is the best pic I’ve taken of one so far. Seems apt.

Photo 1: Sweet Gardenia for my Mum

Gardenia sweet

Photo 2: Gardenia at the door

Gardenia single

Photo 3: Gardenia bud in the rain

Gardenia bud wet

Photo 4: Gardenia downward

Gardenia rainsdrops

Photo 5: Gardenia upward

Gardenia morning

5 day Black and White Challenge

A Facebook friend just nominated me for a 5 day Black and White challenge. From my artist page stats it appears that black and white photos of flowers areĀ an acquired or particular taste as these tend to be my least popular. Unless I just still need to learn to take better black and white floral pics!

Photo 1: Gardenia

Gardenia single 2 bw

Photo 2: Hydrangea

Hydrangea white bw

Photo 3: Cardoon

Cardoon bw

Photo 4: Mum and quills

Quills blossoms lines BW

Photo 5: Gerbera

Gerbera white faded bw

Breezy Morning in the Garden

It was a bit breezy in the garden this morning so not great conditions for floral photography outdoors but there were still some lovely blooms to snap.

Photo 1: Hybrid Tea Roses

Roses tea hybrid

Photo 2: Betty Boop opening

Betty boop bud 3

Photo 3: Betty boop bud

Betty boop bud 5

Photo 4: Betty Boop bloom

Betty boop 4

Photo 5: Gardenia at the door


Photo 6: Bud over bloom

Rosebud over bloom

Photo 7: Frilly pink roses

Roses fluffy pink

Photo 8: Geraniums in bloom

Geranium pink cluster

Glorious Gardenias and Rambunctious Roses

The Gardenias in our garden are finally blooming. It’s not the happiest of plants as I think it’s struggling in the heat and low rainfall but I was pleased to see it had the energy to produce some blooms. The roses in comparison are blooming like crazy so had to take a few more photos of them.

Photo 1: Gardenia in the garden

Gardenia 2 low res

Photo 2: Edge of a variegated Rose

Rose variegated edge low res

Photo 3: Gardenia in bloom

Gardenia bloom low res1

Photo 4: Inside a pink Rose

Rose pink low res

Photo 5: Glorious gardenia

Gardenia low res