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Clematis and Ladybird Floral Art

The experimentation continues. Moved from one to multiple gradients and some selective blurring. Then just for fun I added a contrasting colour – in the form of a ladybird. Photoshop certainly is enjoyable┬ánow that I have gotten over my pre-conceived notions.

Photo 1: Clematis and Ladybird final image

Clematis blue V ladybird



Photo 2: Clematis after shading and blurring

Clematis blue V

Photo 3: Original Clematis photo

Blue Clematis low res

Graphic gradients

Every artist would like to create something unique. Something special and memorable that draws one nearer and is intriguing. In my quest to find that special something to make my images unique I keep experimenting. Today’s experiment is with radial gradient fills. Some of them I like, some of them I don’t but nothing ventured means nothing gained.

Photo 1: Peach pink Rose

Rose peach pink V2

Photo 2: Blue Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum blue halo

Photo 3: Orange Rose

Rose orange V low res

Photo 4: Deep Pink RoseRose pink  V low res

Photo 5: Blue Iris

Iris blue V low res

Photo 6: Pale Pink Roses

Rose pink  V2 low res

Photo 7: White Rose on Purple

Rose white purple V low res