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Yellows and Pinks in Spring

Spring in the garden is a simply marvelous season! New growth and blooms and the energy of the cycle of life seems to be bursting forth everywhere!

The yellow daisies around the corner and the bright pink of the Indian Hawthorn at our front door are welcoming the bees too.

Photo 1: Single yellow daisy

Daisy yellow

Photo 2: Think pink

Indian Hawthorn 4

Photo 3: Pale pink Geranium

Geranium pale pink

Photo 4: Dancing yellow daisy

Daisy dreams

Photo 5: Perfectly pink

Hawthorn Pink

You can visit my page on FineArtAmerica for more flower photos.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Fables and Flora!

Today my blog is three years old!

Photo 1: Pink Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn

When I started it I had no idea where this journey would take me. All I knew is that I wanted to share what I cared about. It was an opportunity to document what I see and what moves me.

It is still that today.

Photo 2: Yellow Daffodil dreams

Daffodil 2

Thank you to all my followers who have joined me on this adventure and encouraged me!

May your days be filled with beautiful moments that drive you to live your life with passion!

Photo 3: Blue Muscari


Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepsis indica) is an evergreen shrub with pretty pink blooms. I’ve heard that the fruit is edible when cooked, and can be used to make jam but I have not tried it myself. The blooms appear to fade so some of them look white against the fresher deeper pink blooms.

Photo 1: Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn low res1

Photo 2: In the pink

Indian Hawthorn 6 low res

Photo 3: Indian Hawthorn in the rain

Indian Hawthorn wet low res

Photo 4: Indian Hawthorn emerging

Indian Hawthorn 3 low res

Photo 5: Indian Hawthorn paler shade of pink

Indian Hawthorn 2 low res

Photo 6: Indian Hawthorn White on Pink

Indian Hawthorn 5 low res

Photo 7: Indian Hawthorn Shimmer

Indian Hawthorn 4 low res

Flowers in the rain

We had some desperately needed rain showers today and I dodged the raindrops to take a few pics of the droplets on the blooms. Then got cold and ran inside for a nice warm cup of tea!

Photo 1: Society Garlic in the rain

Society Garlic wet low res

Photo 2: Pink rose in the rain

Pink rose wet low res

Photo 3: Indian Hawthorn in the rain

Indian Hawthorn wet low res

Photo 4: Clementine blossom in the rain

Clemetine blossom wet low res

Photo 5: A large droplet on a Rose

Pink rose wet 3 low res

Photo 6: Rose and buds in the rain

Pink rose wet 2 low res

Photo 7: Gardenia in the rain

Gardenia wet low res

Photo 8: Eye of a wet Rose

Rose eye wet low res

Exploring the neighbourhood

A few flowers had caught my attention on the school run but I was always rushing so had no time to stop and appreciate them.  So I decided to take my camera for a walk and left the kids with my hubby. This is what I found.

Photo 1: Pink Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn copy

Photo 2: Purple African Daisies

African daisy

Photo 3: Purple Society Garlic

Society garlic

Photo 4: Single yellow calendula

Calendula yellow low res

Photo 5: Yellow Lily opening

Lily yellow low res

Photo 6: White Spring BlossomsBlossoms white tree low res

Photo 7: Pink Blossom Sprig

Blossoms pink sprig low res