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Going Daisy Crazy

So yes it appears that I can take over 400 photos in one morning. I had to get out in the field while it wasn’t raining and although it was a bit windy I got some nice pics of the Ox-eye daisies.

Photo: Ox-eye daisy upfront

Oxeye daisy low res

Photo: Ox-eye daisies all together

Oxeye daisies low res

Photo: Ox-eye with a bug

Oxeye Daisy and Bug low res

Photo: Grass and Ox-eye backdrop

Grass Oxeye daisies low res

Creeping Clematis

ImageGot to see these giant blooms over the weekend and they are rather impressive. The view above is just before it opens and the one below after opening.

ImageThe smaller versions are pictured below and create and equally impressive display.



Spotted another pretty giant bright pink Clematis on the way out today.

Clematis  bright pink low res