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Pink L.A. Hybrid Lily

The pink variety has a more subtle shade which led me to take softer focused shots with a more ‘arty’ feel.

Photo 1: Pink L.A. lily petals

LA lily pink 5 low res


Photo 2:Pink L.A. lilies

LA lily pink 6 low res

Photo 3:Pink L.A. lily cup

LA lily pink 7 low res

Photo 4:Pink L.A. lily stamens

LA lily pink 4 low res

Photo 5:Pink L.A. lily open

LA lily pink 3 low res

Photo 6:Pink L.A. lily pistil

LA lily pink  low res

Photo 7:Pink L.A. lily curvy

LA Lily pink 2 low res

Orange L.A. hybrid lilies

L.A. hybrids are a cross between longiflorum lilies and Asiatic hybrids. They are known for their bright colours and good vase life. This orange variety has a strikingly vivid hue.

Photo 1: Orange L.A. lily bud

LA lily bud low res

Photo 2: Orange L.A. lily bud opening

LA lily bud 2 low res

Photo 3: Orange L.A. lily open

LA lilies 5 low res

Photo 4: Orange L.A. lily bloom

LA lilies 2 low res

Photo 5: Orange L.A. lily and bud

LA lilies 4 low res

Photo 6: Orange L.A. lilies and bud

LA lilies 6 low res

Photo 7: Orange L.A. lily hybrid

LA lilies low res

Photo 8: Orange L.A. lily

LA lilies 3 low res