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Hemlock, ladybirds and Purple Goat’s beard

A walk along the nearby creek trail can reveal some interesting specimens. I came across what I thought was Queen Anne’s Lace only to discover after some checking that it was actually Poison-hemlock ( the purple blotches on the stem were quite noticeable in the photographs). What was nice to see though was it had two ladybird visitors, one with spots and one without. A little further away I found a purple flower that I had only seen in yellow before in the UK but did not know it’s name. Upon investigation I found that it is called Goat’s beard (Tragopogon dubius).

Photo 1: Spotted Ladybird on Hemlock

Hemlock ladybird

Photo 2: Purple Goat’s beard

Purple goatsbeard


Photo 3: Two ladybirds on Hemlock

Hemlock 2 ladybirds b

Photo 4: Tragopogon

Purple goatsbeard 2

Photo 5: Spotless Ladybird on Hemlock

Hemlock ladybird 2


Clematis and Ladybird Floral Art

The experimentation continues. Moved from one to multiple gradients and some selective blurring. Then just for fun I added a contrasting colour Рin the form of a ladybird. Photoshop certainly is enjoyable now that I have gotten over my pre-conceived notions.

Photo 1: Clematis and Ladybird final image

Clematis blue V ladybird



Photo 2: Clematis after shading and blurring

Clematis blue V

Photo 3: Original Clematis photo

Blue Clematis low res

Cornflower blue

The brilliant blue colour of the cornflower really is eye-catching even in a field of meadow flowers.¬†According to folklore, cornflowers were worn by young men in love; if the flower faded too quickly, it was taken as a sign that the man’s love was not returned.

Photo: Happy bee on a Cornflower

Cornflower fat bee low res

Photo: Ladybird on a Cornflower

Cornflower with ladybird low res

Photo: Cornflowers cluster

Cornflowers in meadow 3 low res

Photo: Cornflowers in the meadow

Cornflowers in meadow 2 low res