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Chasing Fall

Went out to the park searching for autumnal shades. There was not much variety however as I think the scorching heat moves the foliage from dead to crisp rather quickly. The leaves seem to simply whither and fall. So I guess this is Fall in full throttle.

Photo 1: Sunlight on an Autumn leaf

Leaf autumn

Photo 2: Fall in yellow

Fall leaves 3

Photo 3: Fall in Red

Leaves red

Photo 4: Fall softly

Fall leaves

Photo 5: Fallen leaf

Leaf autumn 2

Photo 6: Leaf in Colour

Leaf in puddle

Photo 7: Leaf in Black and White

Leaf in puddle bw

Whimsical White Butterflies

When trying to capture images of these white butterflies I have noticed that they behave rather differently to the Peacock butterflies that I photographed before. They tend to be a lot more sensitive to movement and take flight the moment they sense a disturbance. They are therefore a lot harder to capture.

Photo: White Butterfly on Loosestrife

Loosestrife purple with butterfly 2 low res

Photo: White Butterfly on Buddleia

Buddleia white butterfly low res1

Photo: Butterfly in flight

Butterfly in flight low res

Photo: White Butterfly on Leaf

Leaf white butterfly low res