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Garden surprise

The nice thing about moving to a new house in winter is having very little idea of what to expect in the garden in spring. Our garden has been producing lots of lovely surprises and the latest one is one of my favourites – a peony bud! The two buds on display at the moment are somewhat small but I am very excited to see the colour of the bloom. There are several other lovely blooms to behold, the roses continue to enchant with a yellow variety and the lemon tree is now in blossom.

Photo 1: Peony bud surprise

Peonie bud low res

Photo 2: First yellow rose

Rose yellow low res

Photo 3: Lemon blossom and bud

Lemon blossom and bud low res

Photo 4: Peachy pink rose

Rose peachy pink low res

Photo 5: Single Lemon Blossom

Lemon blossom single low res

Photo 6: Yellow Iris

Iris yellow low res

Photo 7: Ruffled pink Rose

Rose pink fluffy 5 low res