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Close encounter with Dahlias

Dahlias are remarkably beautiful. They used to grow prolifically in my Grandfather’s garden and the ease of growing such large and striking blooms almost made me take them for granted. After not seeing them in such abundance for several years and then coming across the patch near the San Francisco Conservatory of flowers they were a true joy to behold so I got up nice and close.

Photo 1: Pom Pom Dahlia

Pom pom 520

Photo 2: Higgledy Piggledy Dahlia

Dahlia 499

Photo 3: Pink Pom Pom

Dahlia 508

Photo 4: Dashing Dahlia

Dahlia 437

Photo 5: Starburst

Dahlia 457

Photo 6: Red Pom Pom

Red dahlia 451

Photo 7: Red Dahlias in the garden

Dahlias 535

Blogger? A Red Rose for #RuckusMakerDay

A Red Rose for RuckusMaker Day!

A Red Rose for RuckusMaker Day!

Thanks to Seth Godin tomorrow marks the first annual RuckusMaker Day!

Tomorrow would have been Steve Jobs‘ 60th birthday and Seth describes his contribution as “having a point of view”.

He also explains that having a point of view and scheduling a time and place to say something is almost certainly going to improve your thinking, your attitude and your trajectory – and that a great way to do it is by blogging!

Today also marks the start of Social Media Week. My fellow flower-loving blogger Joyce Sullivan will be speaking at the conference in New York City too. What a great time to be inspired to blog!

I have a point of view – as you do and blogging certainly does give me the opportunity to share it with the world. While I share I also grow. I share about the things I care about it.

I share because I can’t help myself but get excited about the amazing experiences and people that life has brought my way.

I also read other blogs. I enjoy reading the tales that others have to tell.

Spoken-word poet Sarah Kay was stunned to find she couldn’t be a princess, ballerina and astronaut all in one lifetime. In her TED talk, she delivers two powerful poems that show us how we can live other lives.

When Sarah spoke about only being able to lead one life she captured the essence of why I love listening to people tell me their stories. These stories then often move me to write and often to take action to help others make a ruckus.

Naming this blog Fables and Flora was a chance to combine my passions of floral photography with stories I hear, see or read about or experience myself.

So enjoy the first RuckusMaker Day tomorrow! I would love to hear your stories about what you did!

As Seth says: Speak up. Not just tomorrow, but every day.

Macro magic

#YourTurnChallenge #Day4

Magic happens in the minutiae of life that we are usually blissfully unaware of. Seeing the details of the ordinary up close gives a new perspective on the wonders the world holds.

I have always wanted a macro lens but could never justify the cost of one. Instead I used the lens I had to get as close as I possibly could.

Then for Christmas my darling husband surprised me with a beautiful new Canon macro lens. I almost wept with joy! A whole new world of photography awaited.

These are my first attempts at using it. It will take some getting used to but I am already thoroughly enjoying myself.

Photo 1: Salmon pink Geranium Macro

Geranium close up

Photo 2: Abelia husks

Abelia husks

Photo 3: Pink stocks

Stocks pink portrait

Raining on the Rose Garden

The showers increased in intensity last week for just one day, so I took a trip back to the rose garden in our local park to see what I could see.

Photo 1: Raindrops on a red rose

Rose red rain

Photo 2: Rain on yellow roses

Rose yellow rain

Photo 3: Pink Rose in the rain

Rose pink rain

Photo 4: View from the top

Rosebud red wet

Photo 5: Rust rose and Grey skies

Rose rust wet

Photo 6: Weight of water

Rose vari wet

Photo 7: Rear view of a wet rose

Rose rear wet

Photo 8: Wet red rose

Rose red wet

In the rose garden

Stopped at the rose garden in the local park this morning after going for a nice bike ride. Some rather lovely blooms. Flower gardens are my happy place!

Photo 1: Yellow roses

Roses yellow

Photo 2:Pink and yellow rose

Rose pink yellow

Photo 3: Pink and White Rose

Rose vari 8

Photo 4: Variegated rose

Rose vari 9

Photo 5: Orange mini tea roses

Roses orange mini tea

Photo 6: Orange roses

Roses Orange

Photo 7: Red rose

Rose red 2

Photo 8: Pink roses

Roses pink cluster 2

Orange Sunflowers

I have been waiting to get my hands on a bunch of these beauties. Found some at a local supermarket yesterday. Lovely vibrant colour and they just look so different to the yellow I am accustomed too.

Photo 1: Orange Sunflower

Sunflower orange

Photo 2: Looking up

Sunflower orange 2

Photo 3: Side view

Sunflowers orange 4

Photo 4: Side by side

Sunflowers orange 3

Photo 5: Together

Sunflowers orange

Photo 6: Pair

Sunflowers orange 5

Photo 7: Sunny bunch

Sunflowers Orange 2

Extension tube delight

I received a rather early birthday present from my lovely hubby today – extension tubes for my camera. For those of you who are still saving for a macro lens like I am – this is an affordable alternative. Played around with it in the yard and was very pleased with the results.

Photo 1: Wasp on a wet pink Rose

Rose wasp

Photo 2: Droplets on Rose petal

Rose petal orange pink

Photo 3: White Rosebud with droplets

Rosebud drops 5

Photo 4: Rose petal edge

Rose petal curve

Photo 5: Rose petal curve

Rosebud pink petal

Photo 6: Droplets on peach Rose

Rose peach droplets

Photo 7: Wet Barbara Streisand Rose

Rose and droplets



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