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Rosebud radiance

The lovely Rosebuds do foretell

the beauty held within

the gentle breezes lifting them

to whisper, bloom and listen.

Photo 1: Pink Rosebud

Rosebud pink

Photo 2: Variegated Rosebud

Rosebud vari

Photo 3: Peachy Pink Rosebud

Rosebud peachy pink

Photo 4: Tea Rosebud

Rosebud tea

Photo 5: Rosebud cluster

RosebudsPhoto 6: Rosebud opening

Rosebud peachy pink 2

Photo 7: Bloom amongst the Rosebuds

Rose vari buds


Light Society

A gathering of purple faces

Dancing in the light

Swaying gracefully in the breeze

Till they are darkened by the night

Photo 1: Patch of Society Garlic

Society Garlic patch

Photo 2: Starry faces

Society Garlic patch 5


Photo 3: Dancing in the breeze

Society Garlic patch 6

Photo 4: Circle of Life

Society Garlic patch 3

Photo 5: Purple company

Society Garlic patch 8

Photo 6: Light Society

Society Garlic 7


Photo 7:  Society Garlic

Society Garlic patch 11

Photo 8: Part of the patch

Society Garlic patch 10




Rays of yellow petals mimicking the sun,

Spreading warm and cheerful thoughts

Blooming with love and light

Photo 1: Sunflowers


Photo 2: Sunflower fringe

Sunflower petals

Photo 3: Sunflower rays

Sunflower 6

Photo 4: Sunflower cup

Sunflower 7

Photo 5: Sunflower owl

Sunflower owl


Photo 6: Sunflower light

Sunflower 4

Photo 7: Curly

Sunflower 5

Photo 8: SunflowerSunflower 2