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Orange Sunflowers

I have been waiting to get my hands on a bunch of these beauties. Found some at a local supermarket yesterday. Lovely vibrant colour and they just look so different to the yellow I am accustomed too.

Photo 1: Orange Sunflower

Sunflower orange

Photo 2: Looking up

Sunflower orange 2

Photo 3: Side view

Sunflowers orange 4

Photo 4: Side by side

Sunflowers orange 3

Photo 5: Together

Sunflowers orange

Photo 6: Pair

Sunflowers orange 5

Photo 7: Sunny bunch

Sunflowers Orange 2

Bright Orange Gerbera Daisy

It’s great to photograph Gerbera daisies – their wonderful colours simply make a shot come alive. Daisies usually symbolise innocence and purity but with a Gerbera  there are added elements of cheerfulness and vibrancy due to their dramatic hues.

Photo 1: Orange Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Orange window low res

Photo 2: Orange Gerbera Daisy Centre

Gerbera Orange centre low res

Photo 3: Two Orange Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Orange two low res

Photo 4: Orange Gerbera Daisy on Green

Gerbera Orange on G low res

Photo 5: Orange Gerbera Daisy on Black

Gerbera Orange on B low res

Photo 6: Orange Gerbera Daisy petals

Gerbera Orange on Black low res

Photo 7: Orange Gerbera Daisy in the spotlight

Gerbera Orange spotlight low res

Orange L.A. hybrid lilies

L.A. hybrids are a cross between longiflorum lilies and Asiatic hybrids. They are known for their bright colours and good vase life. This orange variety has a strikingly vivid hue.

Photo 1: Orange L.A. lily bud

LA lily bud low res

Photo 2: Orange L.A. lily bud opening

LA lily bud 2 low res

Photo 3: Orange L.A. lily open

LA lilies 5 low res

Photo 4: Orange L.A. lily bloom

LA lilies 2 low res

Photo 5: Orange L.A. lily and bud

LA lilies 4 low res

Photo 6: Orange L.A. lilies and bud

LA lilies 6 low res

Photo 7: Orange L.A. lily hybrid

LA lilies low res

Photo 8: Orange L.A. lily

LA lilies 3 low res

California Poppy on a Sunshiny Day

The California poppy also known as Eschscholzia californica looks a dramatic orange in the bright sunshine. Not usually the best time to take flower pics but seeing them swaying against the blue sky made me feel happy.

Photo: California poppy cluster

Californian poppy cluster low res

Photo: California poppy with seed

Californian poppy seed low res

Photo: California poppy bloom

California poppy single low res

Poppy: California poppy a deux

Californian poppy pair low res

Photo: California poppy in the meadow

Californian poppy in meadow low res

Experiments with fallen blossoms

The viburnum opulus snowball growing in our yard is losing it’s blossoms fast and creating a shower of pretty white petals like confetti. Seeing them lying on the ground gave me an idea for a photo experiment and this is the result.

Photo: Snowball Blossoms and lines

Blossoms and lines 2 BW  low res

Photo: Snowball Blossoms and White Chrysanthemum with bling

White Chrysanthemum with bracelet low res

Photo: Snowball Blossoms and Orange Chrysanthemum

Orange Chrysanthemum with blossoms low res

Photo: Quills, lines and Snowball Blossoms

Quills blossoms lines BW low res

When is an Azalea a Rhododendron?

So I have discovered that all azaleas are rhododendrons but not all rhododendrons are azaleas. Although after reading the distinguishing characteristics to differentiate between them it has not made things much easier.

What I have gathered is that the number of stamens is important and the fewer there are the more likely it’s an azalea. The little hairs on the leaves also have to run in a particular direction for azaleas but when taking pictures I am just captivated by the sheer beauty of the blooms.

Photo: Pink Rhododendron with Plum spot

Azalea pink dark spot low res

Photo: Pink Rhododendron with Orange spot

Azalea pink orange spot low res

Photo: Deep Orange Rhododendron

orange azaleas 2 low res

Photo: Pink Rhododendron

Pink Azaleas low res


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