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Head Shots with a floral twist

I was fortunate enough to know a professional portrait photographer who could make me look good for my head shot in my online testimonial for the British College of Journalism.

Seeing that head shot gave me an idea for a series of the floral variety so here they are. Do you have a favorite?

Photo 1: Two tone Dahlia


Photo 2: Pompom of prettiness


Photo 3: Hibiscus


Photo 4: White Orchid Spray


Happy World Smile Day!

The first Friday in October is  World Smile Day! Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts created the smiley face in 1963 and thanks to him we now have more opportunities to share a smile and an act of kindness!

Here a few photos that I hope will keep you smiling!

Photo 1: Darling Dahlia

Dahlia pink white 485

Photo 2: Spray of Pink Orchids

Orchid pink 417

Photo 3: Flowers and Swords make me smile (this was at a photo shoot with my Kuk Sool Won Master)

Photo courtesy of Portrait Photographer, Sharon Cohen (@TheVanityFlare)

Photo courtesy of Portrait Photographer, Sharon Cohen (@TheVanityFlare)

Photo 4: Bounty of Black-eyed Susans

Susans 127

Why do you make art?

Making art is an expression of who I am.

The wonders I see and experience are a catalyst for creating and sharing.

I make art because the alternative is not an option.

Quote 1: “When passion fuels your destiny, joy will appear!” ~Vanessa Lee Thomas

My morning ritual usually includes reading the latest blog post by Seth Godin. It’s a way to kick my brain into gear and give me food for thought.

His recent post, What is your art? really resonated with me. I produce my art because I want to share something beautiful with the world and because I love it!
I am so grateful to all those who tell me that my art makes them smile and brightens their day. That they think of me when they see flowers. It warms my soul.

Quote 2: “Little deeds are like little seeds, they can grow to flowers or to weeds” ~Daniel D Palmer

Quote 3: “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our lives would change” ~ Buddha

Quote 4: ” Your soul can see the beauty that surrounds you, embrace it!” ~Vanessa Lee Thomas