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Butterflies on Thistles

On the creek trail not too far from our house I found a rather large thistle in bloom. While I was focussing on the bloom a lovely Painted Lady Butterfly came to feed off it and it was followed by some bees and a little Skipper butterfly as well. Thistles must taste good to bugs and they don’t seem to like sharing a bloom either.

Photo 1: Painted Lady Butterfly on Thistle

Butterfly on Thistle 2 low res


Photo 2: Butterfly and Bee on Thistle

Thistle two bugs 2 low res

Photo 3: Thistle bloom

Thistle low res

Photo 4: Thistle bud

Thistle bud low res

Photo 5: Two blooms, two bugs

Thistle two bugs low res

Photo 6:  Bee and Skipper butterfly on Thistle

Thistle two bugs 3 low res

Photo 7: Bee on Thistle

Bee on Thistle low res

Photo 8: Butterfly and Thistle bloomButterfly on Thistle 3 low res