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A Woman’s Touch – Up Close & Personal

Artists thrive on positive responses to their artwork and I was delighted to receive the following message – “Congratulations, Vanessa! You have been selected as our ‘Up Close & Personal’ featured artist in ‘A Woman’s Touch’!!

Rose Pink Swirl Macro Photography Vanessa Thomas

Later tonight or early tomorrow [Sunday] morning, this gorgeous rose macro swirl & a brief bio will grace our homepage for the week beginning 9.6.20. You are invited to share the homepage featuring your work on Social Media, with family & friends, and in any group discussions thread that fits. Fvl.” Brooks Garten Hauschild

Brooks Garten Hauschild has led a remarkable creative journey and it’s wonderful that she has decided to support other female artists in this way!

You can visit the “A Woman’s Touch” Group here to see more beautiful artworks!

If you’re a female artist – drop your blog link in the comments!





Pink Rose Swirl

When so many roses are blooming at once I don’t always notice the uniqueness of each bloom. I happened to see this low hanging pink bloom and bent down to take a look and noticed the magnificent symmetry of it’s centre swirl.

Photo 1: Pink Rose Swirl

Rose swirl

Photo 2:  Swirl to the left

Rose swirl 3

Photo 3: Swirl to the right

Rose swirl 4

Photo 4: Low hanging bloom

Rose swirl 5

Photo 5: Rosey Symmetry

Rose swirl 2