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Ever popular Poppies

These Poppies beckoned to me on a sunny morning walk. Their striking colours and delicate structures swaying in the wind are simply mesmerizing. You can see why they are ever popular!

Photo 1: Single Bright Orange Poppy

Poppy bright orange low res

Photo 2: Light Orange Poppy Trio

Poppies light orange low res

Photo 3: Single White Poppy

Poppy white low res1

Photo 4: White Poppy Pair

Poppies white low res

Photo 5: Single Light Orange Poppy

Poppy yellow low res

Photo 6: Poppy scene

Poppies scene low res

Photo 7: Poppy bud opening

Poppy bud low res

Photo 8: Bright Orange Poppy

Poppy orange low res


Fables and Flora is moving to California

So after a lovely three years exploring the English countryside my husband’s new job means that we are changing countries again. Next stop California and we are leaving in November. Since I will also have to sell my pc it means that soon there will be a bit of a break of posts until I am reconnected. Thanks to all the Fables and Flora supporters for sharing in my adventures! While I can, here are some California themed flower pics.

Photo 1: California poppy

Californian poppy in meadow low res

Photo 2: California Bluebells

Californian Bluebell low res

Photo 3: Changing from one Red, White and Blue to another

Carnation red in bunch low res


Hooray I’m a Cover Artist for the Art Trail

As an amateur photographer who is still saving up to buy a DSLR and a macro lens I was totally thrilled that my blog icon image was chosen to grace the cover of the Uckfield Art Trail brochure and poster.

I was even more thrilled to receive a request to join in a ‘Taster Exhibition’ where the cover artists could display their work. ¬†With just a few days left to the exhibition on Friday I have made my final selection of prints.

I have included a sampling below. I am rather anxious about being in the midst of professional and more experienced photographers but also extremely excited and I am sure there will be lots to learn.

Photo 1: Fables and Flora icon image


Photo 2: White Bluebells

White Bluebell pair low res

Photo 3: Spring Blossoms


Photo 4:  Carnation in the snow

Carnation in the snow 2 low res

Photo 5: Poppy in the rain

Poppy droplets

Wild Poppy Hunting

Since I already managed to get some photos of cultivated giant poppies I was happy to spot a cluster of wild poppies growing along the side the road near our Town.

Photo: Poppy centre up close

Poppy centre low res

It was a bit of climb through the grass to get to them and I discovered a rather large and deep hole nearby, either a fox or badger home I assume, but fortunately didn’t step into it.

Photo: Pair of Poppies

Poppy pair low res

Photo: Poppies side-by-side

Poppy pair assymetrical low res

Photo: Poppy exposed

Poppy exposed low res

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