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Fairy Irises after the rain

There is a cluster of Fairy Irises (Dietes grandiflora) growing along the walk to school. There aren’t many blooms but they looked rather pretty after a spell of rain. The flower is also called butterfly iris, large wild iris, native iris, Spanish iris and  wild iris but remind me of home because they originated in southern Africa (i.e. Cape Province and Natal in South Africa).

Photo 1: Iris with Raindrops

Iris after rain 3  low res

Photo 2: Iris in Sunshine

Iris after rain 2 low res

Photo 3: Droplets on an Iris

Iris after rain 5 low res

Photo 4: Bubbles and Drops

Iris after rain 4  low res

Photo 5: Freshly wet Iris

Iris after rain low res1

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