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Dancing in the rain

It’s the first day of winter and although we are not expecting snow here we have had some very welcome rain showers. Was a great opportunity to capture some raindrops on petals. They remind me of one of my favorite quotes.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Photo 1: Raindrops on Geraniums


Photo 2 Society Garlic in the rain


Photo 3: Rain kissed Geraniums


Roses after the thunderstorm

California is desperately in need of more rain. We had an unexpected but very welcome thunderstorm last week and the way the raindrops looked on the roses was a bedazzling sight. It’s no wonder they a few of my favourite things!

Photo 1: Droplets on Betty Boop

Wet Betty Boop 054

Photo 2: Wet bloom and buds

Rose and buds wet 059

Photo 3: Droplets and rose ruffles

Ruffed wet pink rose 025

Photo 4: Pink Rose after Rain

Rose against roses 033

Photo 5: Raindrops on a pink Rose

Wet pink Rose 014

Raining on the Roses

Some much needed rain finally arrived in drought-stricken California this week. I took the opportunity to feed the roses and admire some late bloomers in the nearby park.

Photo 1: Raindrops on a variegated Rose

Rose vari wet 3

Photo 2: Wet yellow Rose

Rose yellow buds

Photo 3: Orange miniature Rose cluster

Roses orange cluster 2

Photo 4: Single wet white Rose

Rose white dewdrops

Photo 5: Rose romance

Rose white pink dewdrops

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Raining on the Rose Garden

The showers increased in intensity last week for just one day, so I took a trip back to the rose garden in our local park to see what I could see.

Photo 1: Raindrops on a red rose

Rose red rain

Photo 2: Rain on yellow roses

Rose yellow rain

Photo 3: Pink Rose in the rain

Rose pink rain

Photo 4: View from the top

Rosebud red wet

Photo 5: Rust rose and Grey skies

Rose rust wet

Photo 6: Weight of water

Rose vari wet

Photo 7: Rear view of a wet rose

Rose rear wet

Photo 8: Wet red rose

Rose red wet

Flowers in the rain

We had some desperately needed rain showers today and I dodged the raindrops to take a few pics of the droplets on the blooms. Then got cold and ran inside for a nice warm cup of tea!

Photo 1: Society Garlic in the rain

Society Garlic wet low res

Photo 2: Pink rose in the rain

Pink rose wet low res

Photo 3: Indian Hawthorn in the rain

Indian Hawthorn wet low res

Photo 4: Clementine blossom in the rain

Clemetine blossom wet low res

Photo 5: A large droplet on a Rose

Pink rose wet 3 low res

Photo 6: Rose and buds in the rain

Pink rose wet 2 low res

Photo 7: Gardenia in the rain

Gardenia wet low res

Photo 8: Eye of a wet Rose

Rose eye wet low res

Raindrops on Roses

After the stormy weather this week I was very pleased to see that the roses coped. You can see why raindrops on roses are a few of my favourite things!

Photo 1: Raindrops on Rose

Rose raindrops 5 low res

Photo 2: Raindrops on petals

Rose raindrops 2 low res

Photo 3: Rose with droplets

Rose raindrops 4 low res

Photo 4: A droplet on the Roses

Rose raindrops 7 low res

Photo 5: Roses and raindrops

Rose raindrops low res

Photo 6: Rain on rose

Rose raindrops 6 low res

Photo 7: Rose in the rain

Rose raindrops 3 low res