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Caught in the Rose Garden

Getting together with a portrait photographer on my usual walk about the local park was lots of fun. Specimen spotting and talking to the sun to get the right light was also rather entertaining for her 2 year old charge who happened to be carrying a lovely sprig of lavender given to him by a passerby. When I got entranced by the blooms in the rose garden I also got caught on camera…

Photo 1: Caught in the Rose Garden

Me in the rose garden

Photo 2: Fresh Yellow Rose

Rose yellow droplets

Photo 3: Rosey blues

Rose white blue tone

Photo 4: After the rain

Rose raindrops

Photo 5: Rose refreshed

Rose yellow orange

In the rose garden

Stopped at the rose garden in the local park this morning after going for a nice bike ride. Some rather lovely blooms. Flower gardens are my happy place!

Photo 1: Yellow roses

Roses yellow

Photo 2:Pink and yellow rose

Rose pink yellow

Photo 3: Pink and White Rose

Rose vari 8

Photo 4: Variegated rose

Rose vari 9

Photo 5: Orange mini tea roses

Roses orange mini tea

Photo 6: Orange roses

Roses Orange

Photo 7: Red rose

Rose red 2

Photo 8: Pink roses

Roses pink cluster 2