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Rosebud radiance

The lovely Rosebuds do foretell

the beauty held within

the gentle breezes lifting them

to whisper, bloom and listen.

Photo 1: Pink Rosebud

Rosebud pink

Photo 2: Variegated Rosebud

Rosebud vari

Photo 3: Peachy Pink Rosebud

Rosebud peachy pink

Photo 4: Tea Rosebud

Rosebud tea

Photo 5: Rosebud cluster

RosebudsPhoto 6: Rosebud opening

Rosebud peachy pink 2

Photo 7: Bloom amongst the Rosebuds

Rose vari buds


Rosebud Romance

Bought some flowers for my neighbour for Chinese New Year – yellow and red roses – but quickly had to take a few shots and try a few effects before I gave them away – shhh!

Photo 1: Vintage Yellow Rosebud

Rosebud yellow low res

Photo 2: Rosebud in a bubble

Rosebud yellow bubble low res

Photo 3: Single yellow Rosebud

Rosebud yellow on bw low res

Photo 4: Rosebud in roses

Rosebud yellow bw red low res

Photo 5: Simply Rosebuds

Rosebud yellow 1 low res