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Dalliances with Dahlias

Dahlias remind me of my Grandfather. He used to enjoy growing them and I was always amazed at the size of the blooms on the plants that towered over me as a child. Also love the variations in colour.

Photo 1: Red striped yellow Dahlia

Dahlia up low res

Photo 2: Dahlia Pair

Dahlia pair low res

Photo 3: Two toned Dahlia

Dahlia two tone low res

Photo 4: Dahlia down

Dahlia down low res

Photo 5: Bright Pink Dahlia

Dahlia bright pink low res



A Crocus in Autumn? No, it’s Meadow Saffron (Colchicum)

I had no idea that there was something like an Autumn Crocus until I recently came across these flowers and was pleasantly surprised. I am always so happy to see Crocuses in Spring. Then thanks to Kew Gardens FB page I was made aware that calling them Autumn Crocus is incorrect as they are more closely related to lilies and are sometimes called “Naked Ladies” since they have no leaves when flowering.

Photo 1: Meadow Saffron cluster

Crocus Autumn low res

Photo 2: Look no leaves

Autumn Crocus 3 low res

Photo 3: Meadow Saffron trio

Autumn Crocus 2 low res