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Dilly-dallying with the Daffodils

There is nothing quite like the sight of daffodils in bloom to lift my spirits and make my heart soar! Their delicate yellow heads bowing to greet the day as they dance on their elegant stalks. These lovely specimens are now blooming in my garden – I hope they brighten up your day too!

Photo 1:

Daffodil cluster low res

Photo 2:

Daffodil trio low res

Photo 3:

Single daffodil low res

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Avenue of Blossoms

Our local park is coming alive with the sights and sounds of Spring. It is usually rather busy so it took me a while to get the path without people on it. A group of gentleman that had just completed their morning Tai Chi session however was such a lovely sight that I didn’t mind watching them walk down the blossom-lined avenue. A picture of friendship.

Photo 1: Blossom Avenue

Blossom Avenue low res

Photo 2: Lampposts  monitor the avenue

Blossom Avenue 3 low res

Photo 3: Blossoms galore

Blossom Avenue 8 low res

Photo 4: Avenue in Bloom

Blossom Avenue 5 low res

Photo 5: A picture of friendship

Blossom Avenue 4 low res

Photo 6: Dog with a view

Blossom Avenue 2 low res

Photo 7: Blossom Avenue Central

Blossom Avenue central low res

Rose of Sharon after the rain

There are a number of these shrubs planted around our neighbourhood and at the moment they are starting colourful lavender displays. The rain however is rather heavy on their delicate petals and I stopped to snap a few after the rain. Rose of Sharon is a deciduous flowering shrub and is part of the hibiscus family.

I was intrigued by the name of the shrub and found that the word “Sharon” means a level place or plain in Hebrew.  It is said that in the Song of Solomon 2:1, Solomon’s beloved bride calls herself the “rose of Sharon”  and from this we can infer that it is a flattering term intended to express a certain beauty that the people of Solomon’s time would have recognized but that we can still appreciate in these flowers today.

Photo 1: Rose of Sharon after the rain

Sharon Rose 3 low res

Photo 2: Rose of Sharon bloom

Sharon Rose 5 low res

Photo 3: Rose of Sharon with raindrops

Sharon Rose rain low res

Photo 4: Droplets on Rose of Sharon

Sharon Rose 2 low res

Photo 5: Rose of Sharon Lavender beauty

Sharon Rose 4 low res

Exploring the neighbourhood

A few flowers had caught my attention on the school run but I was always rushing so had no time to stop and appreciate them.  So I decided to take my camera for a walk and left the kids with my hubby. This is what I found.

Photo 1: Pink Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn copy

Photo 2: Purple African Daisies

African daisy

Photo 3: Purple Society Garlic

Society garlic

Photo 4: Single yellow calendula

Calendula yellow low res

Photo 5: Yellow Lily opening

Lily yellow low res

Photo 6: White Spring BlossomsBlossoms white tree low res

Photo 7: Pink Blossom Sprig

Blossoms pink sprig low res


Blossoms on twigs

Spring is in the air in Dublin. Pretty blossoms are appearing everywhere, my miniature daffodils are blooming and there is a blue hyacinth making it’s appearance too!

Photo 1: White blossoms on a twig

Blossoms white twig low res

Photo 2: Blossoming

Blossoms white twig 2 low res

Photo 3: Blossoms blooming

Blossoms white twig 3 low res

Photo 4: Blossoms of beauty

Blossoms white twig 5 low res

Photo 5: Blossoming away

Blossoms white twig 4 low res

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