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Countdown to Spring

The glorious displays of Spring are not waiting for any official date. Blossoms are everywhere and it is a delightful change after the somberness  of the much needed winter rains. The rains are expected to bring a bumper crop of flowery distractions that I am really looking forward to seeing. Meanwhile here are a few of the blossoms in my garden.

Photo 1: Sunlight and blossoms

Blossoms of Spring

Photo 2: Blossoming Spring

Blossoms white Spring

Photo 3: Blossoming delights

Blossoms white sprig

California Buckeye aka California Horse Chestnut

The nearby Tassajara Creek offers wonderful photo opportunities and while I was out trying some scenic outdoor pics I came across this bloom. It reminded me of the Horse Chestnuts I had seen in the UK only the flowers were packed much closer on the stalk. After some research I found out that it is Aesculus Californica, California Buckeye aka California Chestnut. The fruits are poisonous, and they were used as fish poison by the Pomo, Yana, Yokut and Luiseno peoples (Kroeber, 1925). Nifty fishing method…As I walked away from the tree, a Swallowtail Butterfly also made it’s appearance and I was fortunate enough to get a shot of it.

Photo 1: Buckeye in Bloom

Buckeye 3 low res


Photo 2: California Horse Chestnut

Buckeye 2 low res

Photo 3: British Horse Chestnut White

Horse Chestnut 2 low res

Photo 4: British Horse Chestnut Pink

Red Horse Chestnut 2 low res


Photo 5: Buckeye along the Creek

Buckeye low res

Photo 6: Butterfly on Buckeye

Buckeye and Butterfly low res

Photo 7: And another butterfly pic just for fun

Buckeye and Butterfly 2 low res

Avenue of Blossoms

Our local park is coming alive with the sights and sounds of Spring. It is usually rather busy so it took me a while to get the path without people on it. A group of gentleman that had just completed their morning Tai Chi session however was such a lovely sight that I didn’t mind watching them walk down the blossom-lined avenue. A picture of friendship.

Photo 1: Blossom Avenue

Blossom Avenue low res

Photo 2: Lampposts  monitor the avenue

Blossom Avenue 3 low res

Photo 3: Blossoms galore

Blossom Avenue 8 low res

Photo 4: Avenue in Bloom

Blossom Avenue 5 low res

Photo 5: A picture of friendship

Blossom Avenue 4 low res

Photo 6: Dog with a view

Blossom Avenue 2 low res

Photo 7: Blossom Avenue Central

Blossom Avenue central low res