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VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION: Joyce Moulden Retires after several years as LAA Secretary

The pandemic has not stopped milestone events in the lives of volunteers for our arts organizations and one that needs to be celebrated is that of Joyce Moulden.

Joyce has served the Livermore Arts Association (LAA) community as a dedicated secretarial administrator for several years and has decided it’s time for a change. However, it does not mean that Joyce has ended her support of the arts community and lockdown ushered in new connections and opportunities for her to share her expertise and one example is the Online Tech Team Group consisting of members of the Pleasanton Art League (PAL), Livermore Arts Association (LAA) and Dublin Arts Collective (DAC).

The Group is an off-shoot of a larger collaborative effort between the three Tri-Valley Arts nonprofits (PAL, LAA and DAC) to address technical challenges faced by visual artists as they pivot in the pandemic. PAL President Beth Okurowski initiated the larger Tech Group meetings and the sub-group is led by Christine Watters, Vice President of LAA.

Transitions like these can be intimidating but delving into new ways of doing things and approaching novel problems with courage is not new to Joyce.

“Her attention to detail, willingness to learn and caring and considerate approach has made her a valuable team member as well as a delight to work with,” said Vanessa Thomas, DAC Co-Founder and Fables and Flora Owner. “It has been a joy getting to know her and great to discover that we share an interest in science and literature.”

“It’s been great to get to know Joyce through this process.  She quietly makes corrections and keeps track of us as we have worked at finding our way through new (for us) online processes.  Thank you, Joyce.” – Lorraine Wells, PAL and DAC Board Member.

“Joyce, thanks for your steady support on the board and now with the tech adventures. I always looked forward to meetings at your house. Glad you are along for the tech ride!” – Christine Watters, Vice President and longstanding colleague at LAA

“I have known Joyce for only a couple of months now, but we hit it off immediately; it feels as if we’ve known each for a long time! I have always heard about Joyce and her academic & scientific accomplishments from a common friend, which was exciting coming from a family of scientists myself! Joyce’s expertise & experience keeps the Tech Team on track, encouraged, calm and composed. It has been such a pleasure to know you, dear Joyce, you’re not off the hook yet – you are stuck with us now!! I wish you all the best and look forward to working with you on new and exciting projects!” – Meghana Mitragotri, PAL Board Member and LAA and DAC Member.

We would like to extend the heartiest thank you to Joyce for all that she has done and continues to do for artists in the Tri-Valley.