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Wonderful wall of Wisteria

After taking my children cycling to a park nearby this striking wall of Wisteria brought me to a standstill and I had to go back to it with my camera the following day.

Photo 1: Wonderful Wisteria

Wisteria buds and blooms low res

Photo 2: Wisteria Wand

Wisteria wand low res

Photo 3: Wisteria buds

Wisteria buds low res

Photo 4: Wisteria hanging

Wisteria drops low res

Photo 5:Wisteria buds and bloomsWisteria buds and blooms 2 low res

Photo 6: Wisteria tresses

Wisteria hanging low res

Photo 7: Wisteria in the sun

Wisteria 4 low res

Photo 8: Wall of Wisteria

Wisteria low res