• Looks like a songthrush to me, I could be wrong though. Songthrushes but they are one of my favourite birds, and hold great sentimental value for me – thanks for posting!

  • What are you using at the moment? If possible try turning the shutter speed up if you have that option 🙂

  • Thanks for the tip. Using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100. BTW your shots of the Lapwings are brilliant!

    • From what I can gather on the interweb, the FZ100 has a zoom that goes up to 105mm (or due to the size of the sensor 600mm equivalent to the old 35mm format). When fully zoomed in try a shutter speed of 1/600 or quicker (ie. 1/800). That way your keeping your shutter speed quicker than the focal length (amount of zoom). To do this, pop it into shutter priority mode 🙂 That way the camera will handle to aperture for you. Hope that helps with the birds and wasn’t too patronising! And thank you, the above method is how I got the lapwings (but there were a lot of blurry shots too!)

      • Thanks for the advice! As a novice it is most welcome so any further tips would be welcome. Have not had much success on moving subjects especially birds so will give this a bash.

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