A Cherry Blossom Affair

Although the early Cherry blossoms have been battered about by the wind and rain they are still such a cheerful sight that I couldn’t resist another round of photos. The blossoms and petals that fell off the tree also provided some fun shots.

Photo 1: Blossoms that say I love Spring

Blossom heart low res

Photo 2: Cherry Blossom Branch

Cherry blossom branch low res

Photo 3: Bird in a Cherry Blossom Tree

Bird in cherry tree low res

Photo 4: Cherry Blossom on trunk

Cherry blossom on bark low res

Photo 5: Cherry Blossom Cluster

Cherry blossom cluster low res

Photo 6: Cherry Blossom Sprig

Cherry blossoms sprig low res

Photo 7: Cherry Blossom petal heart

Cherry blossom petal heart low res


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