Tecoma Capensis – Cape Honeysuckle

Some flowers bring back vivid memories of my childhood. Tecoma Capensis is one of them. We had a hedge growing opposite our bedroom window and the Tecoma blooms were a pleasure to see. It also provided lots of work for my Dad as it grows rather fast and required regular trimming. The plus side for the kids was sucking the sweet nectar from the base of the blooms – provided an ant didn’t get there first. It’s bright orange flowers have led to it also being called fire flower.

Photo 1: Tecoma CapensisTecoma capensis low res

Photo 2: Cape Honeysuckle

Tecoma 6 low res

Photo 3: Tecoma blooms

Tecoma 2 low res

Photo 4: Fire Flower

Tecoma 7 low res

Photo 5: Tecoma in bloom

Tecoma 5 low res

Photo 6: Flying fire flower

Tecoma 4 low res

Photo 7: Cape Honeysuckle flowers

Tecoma 3 low res


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