Pale pink Geraldton wax flowers

Geraldton Wax flowers (Chamelaucium uncinatum) are native to Western Australian and remind me a bit of heather. They last quite long in a vase and are therefore popular as cut flowers. These flowers were rather small but also very dainty.

Photo 1: Pink Wax flowers

Wax flowers 8 low res

Photo 2: Pink and blue

Wax flowers 3 low res

Photo 3: Wax flowers in the wind

Wax flowers 7 low res

Photo 4: A cross of wax flowersWax flowers low res

Photo 5: Pink on pinkWax flowers 5 low res1

Photo 6:  Geraldton Wax flowersWax flowers 5 low res

Photo 7:  Wax flowers

Wax flowers 2 low res

Photo 8: Chamelaucium uncinatumWax flowers 4 low res

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