Pink Cistus – Rock Rose

Another beauty found growing along the Creek – think they have been cultivated though but they are still lovely flowers. Their petals appear crinkly like tissue paper after it’s used for wrapping and their orange and yellow centres contrast dramatically with the pink bloom.

Photo 1: Pink Cistus – Rock Rose

Rock Roses  low res

Photo 2: Rock Roses back-to-back

Rock Roses low res

Photo 3: Rock Rose Bloom and bud

Rock Rose 5  low res

Photo 4: Rock Rose cluster

Rock Roses 2 low res

Photo 5: Rock Rose centre

Rock Rose 4  low res

Photo 6: Single Rock Rose

Rock Rose 3  low res

Photo 7: Rock Rose side view

Rock Rose 6  low res

Photo 8: Rock Rose in bloom

Rock Rose 2  low res


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